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April 29, 2005


Great comments! I have a great resource also – it covers all aspects of auto sales training: Hope this helps!
Here's a great resource for Sales Training. They not only train the sales person in a unique sales training program, but they customize each training program to fit your application. They work with the sales organization, sales manager and individual salesperson to bring about a cultural change. Bottom line - more sales and more growth. Here's more Sales Training Information. You can get the book, Action Selling at the site. It talks about the unique sales process. It's a must very easy-to-read Sales Book.
Tim Young
Scott, You make a great point about the fact that companies don't buy, people do. The best reps know this and use it to their advantage to build trust into the relationship. A challenge many B2B companies have is integrating this concept into the entire lead development process, before sales reps even touch the lead. Marketing has to have the same understanding about personal relationships, and use it in nurturing activities so that the individual relationships are nurtured to the point of a qualified opportunity. To really excel, companies have to have an integrated sales and marketing approach that understands this, and unfortunately, few do. Keep up the good work.

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